J-Rod, Mariners approve mega-extension in 2030s

SEATTLE - Julio Rodriguez will be the face of the Mariners for a long time

The club announced on Friday night that they had reached a contract extension with valuable fraud.

The agreement could be for at least 2034 sessions - guaranteed 12 years - with options that could take five more years in 2039.

Star rookie on verge of signing Megadils extension, following first report by JC Sanchez from MLB.com

The team officially announced a settlement during the sixth round of Friday's match against Cleveland.

The deal is guaranteed at $210 million and the maximum possible amount of $470 million, the longest and largest in MLB history.

from $105 million next year, plus a bonus $15 million signing bonus that will take them into the 2029 season

The first club option ranges from $200 million to $350 million, depending on eight or 10 years and MVP voting,

$200 million in eight years if Rodriguez didn't get the MVP vote in the first eight seasons

Sanchez mlb.com previously said a deal was in the works

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