Wrath dives deep into the creation of Death Knight in World of Warcraft ahead of the classic pre-patch

The new videos star game directors Tom Chilton and Chris Zerhat, chief game designers, and cover the entire design process.

Of course, with this move, the new classes should be memorable and running.

 The night of death, reputed and important to the wisdom of Northrand,

Drawing from several schemes and other classes, including Runmaster, Negromasor, Knight of the Classical Warcraft Death, and what Chilton called "Focus Cool".

They require a night of death to feel authentic, and their overall design isn't pouring water into the philosophical class and finding out what they do,

You can watch a full video about the creation process, and check out the Memory Journey preview on September 26 when the Anger of the Lich King classic finally officially kicks off.

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